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How To Extend The Life Of Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinets

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The Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet is divided into brushed stainless steel bathroom cabinet, color steel stainless steel bathroom cabinet, wood grain stainless steel bath cabinet, craft glass stainless steel bathroom cabinet, various styles and unique design. So how much do you know about the maintenance of stainless steel bathroom cabinets? Today, Xiaobian will share the maintenance method of stainless steel bathroom cabinets. 1. It is recommended that you put heavy objects in the cabinet. The movable laminate can be adjusted up and down, noting that the laminate support is placed in the correct position. Lightweight items such as shampoos, shower gels and dry towels are suitable for use in cabinets. Light and thin items, such as paper towels.2. Walls installed in wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and closets need to bear the load-bearing wall. In the actual measurement of the designer, if no installation conditions are found, the customer needs to properly reinforce the wall according to the designer's requirements.3. Whether the bathroom cabinet is open 15 to 20 days before use, the ventilation is good, and the residual odor is eliminated.4. The cabinet has a rod and eccentric structure, please do not modify and disassemble it.5. Do not scratch with sharp objects and collide with the cabinet surface.6. Do not pick up the surface metal decoration material. Do not use sharp materials such as steel balls to clean the surface of metal objects. Do not use corrosive liquids to clean the surface of metal objects.7. Do not pull the anti-collision strip to the edge of the cutting cabinet to ensure dust, collision, and tamper resistance, and to ensure the life of the bathroom cabinet.8. Do not expose the bathroom cabinet to the sun, and do not leave it in a dry place.9. Place the item smoothly. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom of the base cabinet of the bathroom; it is not easy to place heavy objects in the cabinet to avoid stress deformation of the top and bottom plates and to ensure the safety of the process of picking up and placing items. The above information is summarized by the Stainless Steel Shower Head,China Shower Drain Manufacturers . I hope to help you in need :