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Choose Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink According To Different Purposes

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Among the frequency of use of the sink, the highest usage rate is the sink on the bathroom cabinet, followed by the Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink for washing vegetables and cooking, and finally the laundry sink for washing the washing machine. Therefore, the sink can be selected according to the frequency and use of the specific use. Due to the high frequency of use and the possibility of dripping, the kitchen sinks that are often used should have better quality. Laundry sink: Because it is connected to the washing machine, the sink is used for daily hand washing needs. For safety reasons, it is recommended that you purchase a sink in a regular supermarket. When you buy it, in addition to listening to the shopping guide, you should also pay attention to the instructions. The general warranty period must not be less than three years. Stainless steel kitchen sink: Installed on the kitchen basin, dedicated to cleaning vegetables and bowls. The kitchen is best to choose a long-handled kitchen sink, because its arm is very long, the switch is very labor-saving, and often there are oil, detergent, etc. in the hands of cooking, sometimes to wash the dishes, so use the back of the hand or wrist to switch the long handle It is very convenient to lift to the kitchen sink. Bathroom sink: There are many styles of bathroom sinks for washing compared to the first two. The geometrical collage, the smooth rounded gooseneck arched exit, the classic luxury three-fork rotating handle, the hollowed-out petal-shaped handle, the gorgeous and luxurious K-gold decorative ring, etc., are available in a full range and at a high price. Different sinks are reasonably selected according to their needs. Of course, the most important thing is to choose environmental protection. A few high-end brands pay great attention to selecting copper with ultra-low lead content to ensure human health.