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Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire (introduction)

BLOG_POSTED_BY djqingde     २०१८ नोभेम्बर २६    

The Enameled Copper Wire supplier - xinyu-enameledwire ensuring that our enameled copper wire products and services meet the standards of performance and reliability expected by our customers. We are committed to conduct all our operations safely to prevent damage to health or the environment, injuries to persons, fire and damage to property, and accordingly all reasonable safe measures will be taken.

Recently, xinyu enameled copper wire is very popular.

Features of Enameled Copper Wire:

  • Main function is that it has good winding performance when winded in a high speed so as to reduce the friction of winding and volume fraction to help the high speed winding when produce high density coil
  • Good pinhole performance and direct soldering performance, resistance to high frequency, good solvent-resistance performance
  • Disadvantage is that its cost is higher than polyurethane copper enameled wire

Applications of Enameled Copper Wire:

Mainly used as the winding wire of household appliance, electronic instrument, telecommunication meter and the connecting line of electronic equipment

Advantages Of Enameled Copper Wire:

  • a) High resistance to heat shock.
    b) High temperature.
    c) Good performance in cut-through.
    d) Suitable for high-speed automated routing.
    e) Able to be direct weld, with no pinhole.
    f) Resistive to high frequency, wearing, refrigerants and electronics corona.
    g) High breakdown voltage, small dielectric loss angle.
    h) Environment-friendly.

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