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Furniture Mould Using Air Hardened Tool Steel

BLOG_POSTED_BY xiuumin99     २०१९ मार्च २३    

In the case of Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), the main application of air-hardened tool steels is as a material for the hob, an extremely low-embossed embossing component for heat treatment, and a cutting tool for making furniture mould, squeezing or laminating plastics.

When low deformation is required, or when sharp corners are not avoided and there is a risk of cracking, oil hardened or air hardened boundary steel may sometimes be used as air hardening. The hardness obtained by air quenching may be slightly lower than that obtained by oil quenching, but the advantage of lower residual stress in these cases is sufficient to exceed the lower hardness value.

Some analyses of air hardened tool steels that have been applied to plastic tools. Steel combines wear resistance, toughness and very low deformability, has deep hardening properties, and has a low tendency to foul.

Manufacturer's specifications apply to specific steels, taking into account section thickness, standardized procedures, drawing temperatures, heating precautions and other handling procedures.

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