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Why do you choose steel structures?

BLOG_POSTED_BY ruyanzhouzhou     २०१९ अप्रिल १    

Steel structure has many advantages over traditional residential buildings:

1. Safety, steel structure has the characteristics of light weight, good ductility, good toughness and the like of materials, and reduces the damage of earthquake to building structures; The wall is not load-bearing, and light wall materials such as new wall panels, composite walls and the like can be widely used.

2. Convenience, components such as steel beams, steel columns and wallboards of residential buildings can be prefabricated in large quantities in factories to realize industrial production. Mechanized assembly and installation are adopted on site, which makes residential buildings more accurate and of better quality.

3. The construction of steel structure residential buildings is not affected by seasons and regions and can realize large-scale, fast speed and high efficiency.

4. Environmental protection, steel components can be recycled, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 20% in the whole life cycle of the building, and dry operation on the construction site has small site construction errors, reduces dust and noise pollution, saves water resources and saves materials.

5. Comfortable and beautiful. The fabricated enclosure system constructed by Changsha steel structure can achieve superior thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, significantly improve residential quality and comfort, and effectively increase the use area of the building

6. In addition, the steel structure design is flexible, and users can flexibly use indoor rooms according to their own needs.

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