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Carrying capacity & its limiting factors

BLOG_POSTED_BY Black Mamba     २०१७ जुन ४    
Carrying capacity is the number of people, other living organisms, or crops that a region can support without environmental degradation. The carrying capacity of an environment may vary for different species and may change over time. 

Limitating factors of carrying capacity:

Limiting Factors are:

-Conditions of the environment that   limit the growth of a species.
-Biotic and abiotic factors that prevent the continuous growth.

For example:
Within a population of foxes, there is enough space and water for 20 individuals. However, the population of rabbits has decreased and now can only sustain 15 individual foxes. In this circumstance, the limiting factor is the available food (rabbits) for the foxes, and thus the carrying capacity is 15 foxes.

Some of the limiting factors are:
Food (Sunlight for plants)
-Ecological conditions

1) Food
Most important factor to survive. Every living organisms must have food availability. As long as their food is available, they usually do not suffer from food stress.

Animals must have water to help with food digestion, to help control and regulate body temperature, and to help eliminate waste products from the body. ØWhere water becomes scarce, food may also become scarce as plants die, animals leave or die, and the remaining animals fight each other for whatever water is left. 
Every creature requires space for their growth, development and reproduction. ØWithout space, animals cannot ensure a place to hide and raise their young.

4)Ecological conditions
Conditions within or adjacent to an environment also affect its carrying capacity.
For example: • Pollution
                     • Natural disaster
                     •Desertification, or Degradation