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Knowledge of Chair Mould Maintenance

BLOG_POSTED_BY xiuumin99     २०१९ अगस्ट १९    

The Chair Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is a large injection mould. The structure is not complicated, but it is difficult to do. The main reason is that the design and processing accuracy are relatively high. Otherwise, the product will flash burr, run the parting line and even be scrapped.

The long-term use of the chair mould cannot be separated from correct maintenance. Compared with the mould without maintenance, the properly maintained mould can obtain long service life, lower failure rate and higher product yield, which is a very effective method to reduce costs and increase benefits for injection moulding product processing enterprises. On the other hand, moulds that are often maintained can be put into production quickly by omitting the steps of testing such as trial run before use, which is also of great significance for manufacturing enterprises to save time and cost. There are so many advantages in the maintenance of the chair mould, then how to properly maintain the chair mould? Let's take a look at it together.

First of all, each chair mould should be equipped with a history card to record and count its use and damage in detail. Based on this, which parts and components have been damaged and the degree of wear can be found, so as to provide information for finding and solving problems, as well as the moulding process parameters of the chair mould and the materials used in the product, so as to shorten the test run time of the chair mould and improve the production efficiency.

Secondly, the processing enterprises should test the various performances of the chair mould under the normal operation of the injection moulding machine and the injection mould, and measure the size of the finally formed plastic part. Through this information, the existing state of the chair mould can be determined, and the damage of the cavity, core, cooling system, and parting surface can be found out. According to the information provided by the plastic part, the damage state of the chair mould and maintenance measures can be judged.

Third, several important parts of the chair mould should be tracked and tested. The function of ejection and guide parts is to ensure the opening and closing movement of the chair mould and ejection of plastic parts. If any part of the chair mould is stuck due to damage, it will lead to a shutdown. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the ejection rod and guide pillar are deformed or damaged on the surface. Once found, they should be replaced in time. After completing a production cycle, anti-rust oil should be applied to the moving and guiding parts, and special attention should be paid to the protection of bearing parts of injection moulds with gears and racks and the elastic strength of spring injection moulds to ensure that they are always in the best working state.

Fourth, attention should be paid to the surface maintenance of injection moulds, which directly affects the surface quality of products, with the emphasis on preventing corrosion. After the injection mould completes the production task, different methods should be adopted to carefully remove residual injection according to different injection moulding. Copper rods, copper wires, and soapy water can be used to remove residual injection moulding and other deposits in the injection mould, and then air-dry.

The chair mould can obviously reduce the preparation and testing time of each link under regular maintenance and maintenance, reduce the failure rate and improve the yield. For manufacturing enterprises, the time cost and production cost of the enterprise can be greatly reduced, so that the manufacturing enterprises can obtain greater value with less time and investment.

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