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How to Choose The Right LED Street Lights Manufacturers

BLOG_POSTED_BY xiuxiuxiu9961     २०१९ सेप्टेम्बर १६    

As one of the most common infrastructures, LED street lights should not be underestimated, and should be given special attention in terms of selection. The choice of Led street lights Manufacturers(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) is crucial. The production capacity of LED street lights manufacturers directly determines the final effect and quality problems. How to choose LED street lights manufacturers?

First, clarify your own plan and let all units quote.

When we choose the LED street lights manufacturers to make it, we must clarify our own ideas and requirements, so that finding a manufacturer has a purpose, not too blind. You must prepare your own construction drawings (CAD), and the information involved in the color temperature, type, height, etc. of the lights should be clarified. Only by fully informing the LED street lights manufacturers of your requirements, they can estimate whether their ability can meet your requirements, time requirements and quotations. Send these drawings and requirements to the units that are interested in cooperating (through the previous case study), let them quote and choose the best.

Second, the production renderings.

In the selection of several people feel that the offer is more reasonable, and there is no problem in time. It is possible to let them first make a few drafts and visualize the drawings. If the effect of the renderings can't satisfy you, the actual sample will definitely not reach its own expectations. According to this, it can be narrowed down.

Third, view the sample.

In the selection of several people think that the renderings are still possible, more in line with their own requirements. At this time, they can let them make a proof according to our drawings and requirements to check the process of the LED street lights manufacturer. If the process level does not meet its own expectations, the timely and relatively low cost will not be worth the loss. Of course, the cost of this proofing still has to be paid, so that they have no worries when making the production, and will not let them lose. Then according to their sample process, the manufacturer can be roughly determined.

After the three-layer screening, the final manufacturers can satisfy themselves in time, process and price. The follow-up work is to give all the drawings and requirements of the LED street lights to the LED street lights manufacturers to do the deepening work. After we confirm, we can directly produce them.

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