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The Development of LED Public Lighting Has Never Stopped

BLOG_POSTED_BY xiuxiuxiu9961     २०१९ सेप्टेम्बर २३    

Although the world is struggling to keep up with the lightning pace of technological innovation, Led Public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) solutions are still one of the most important infrastructure investments for enterprises, municipalities, and institutions worldwide. Lighting accounts for 19% of the world's electricity consumption. The revolutionary power of LED has changed the game of large-scale public lighting solutions and promised to show some of the largest growth in the global market in the next 10 to 20 years.

Since it was introduced into the market in the early 1960s as a more effective lighting tool than standard incandescent bulbs, the development of LED public lighting has never stopped. It is inevitable to replace an incandescent lamp and a fluorescent lamp with high power and energy efficiency LED technology.

LED public lighting is more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent and fluorescent lighting solutions, producing more lumens per watt at lower operating temperatures. The bulb emits a warm light and can be shaped and colored according to specifications without preheating time. This detail provides the time value of cost-saving beyond the bottom line. As life expectancy increases, LED bulbs to require less maintenance and allow more sustainable long-term infrastructure investment.

Cities and municipalities around the world are scrambling to investigate the potential savings of LED public lighting for street and highway lighting, public transportation and municipal buildings. By switching to professional LED public lighting equipment, the city can save 30-40% of the energy cost on average every year. The cost of installing this long-term lighting equipment is still equivalent to the maintenance cost of sending city trucks to replace traditional bulbs on a regular basis. As energy costs continue to rise and fluctuate, eroding corporate profits, LED public lighting is expected to save more than 80% of the world's energy costs.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that by 2020, LED technology will occupy 28% of the commercial market, worth 25 billion U.S. dollars. Conservative estimates show that by 2030, the proportion will be close to 70%. With the vigorous development of the science and technology industry and the continuous growth of LED public lighting market, LED as a lighting technology in the 21st century has occupied a stable position.

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