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Have A Certain Understanding of Ro System Component Before Purchase

BLOG_POSTED_BY caojing1120     २०१९ सेप्टेम्बर ३०    

Among the Ro System Component(KOKOELECTRIC), the reverse osmosis membrane is a spare part that is often used. Which one should be selected? What is the difference between the reverse osmosis membrane and others? If you have a certain understanding and understanding of the ro system component before purchase, then the purchase will be more targeted.

The reverse osmosis membrane is also called the reverse osmosis membrane or RO membrane. The reverse osmosis membrane is the main core of reverse osmosis. It is generally made of polymer material. It is a simulated semi-permeable membrane with a certain characteristic artificial semi-permeable membrane. For example, an aromatic polyamide film or the like, the size of the permeability and the characteristics of the film are directly related to the chemical structure. Many polymer materials are particularly high in rejecting high salt components, while water has low hydrophilicity and transmittance. Some polymer materials have a very hydrophilic chemical structure and have many hydrophilic groups. Therefore, the water permeation flow rate is extremely fast. Therefore, a satisfactory reverse osmosis membrane should have appropriate penetration and desalination rates as a guarantee.

Reverse osmosis membranes have the following characteristics:

1. A high flow rate must have high salt rejection and water production.

2. Has high mechanical compressive strength and service life.

3. It can function at lower levels of operation.

4. Tolerate the effects of chemical organisms.

5. It can be affected by the difference in pH and temperature.

6. The raw material of the membrane is easy to manufacture and easy to process and produce.

The basic mechanism of the reverse osmosis membrane is composed of an asymmetric membrane and asymmetrical membrane. Most of the materials currently used in the market are cellulose acetate and aromatic polyamides. Its components are hollow fiber type, coil type, plate frame type and tube type, which can be used for separation, concentration, purification, purification, and other chemical unit operations, mainly for pure water manufacturing and water treatment industries.

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