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Public Lighting Design Requirements for Park Nightscape

BLOG_POSTED_BY xiuxiuxiu9961     २०१९ अक्टोबर १७    

The lighting effect displayed by the public lighting(CLASSICLEDLIGHT) project of the park landscape can make the garden more elegant at night and convey the more beautiful artistic conception of the garden at night, which can be called the secondary life of the landscape. So, what should public lighting projects pay attention to when designing green space and trees in parks and squares?

How to use the art of light and light to create perfect public lighting is worth every designer to think deeply.

The night lighting design of the park shall meet the following requirements:

1. The illuminance level of the park should be determined and the appropriate lighting design method should be selected according to the function type of the park, the surrounding landscape environment, the theme style and the use of lighting lamps at night.

2. The influence of overflow and astigmatism on passers-by, surrounding environment and garden ecology should be avoided.

3. The illuminance standard value of the public activity area of the park shall conform to the provisions of Table 1.1.

Parks and squares are important places for people to live and relax. The public lighting of green space and trees should be people-oriented. Glare and light pollution to the environment should be avoided from the perspective of people's viewing, so as to create a warm and bright atmosphere for the promotion of citizens' nightlife.

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