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What Requirements Should Aluminum Magnet Wire Meet

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Usually, Aluminum Magnet Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) is used to make insulated wires for coils or windings in electrical products. At the same time, aluminum magnet wire must meet the requirements of various use and manufacturing processes.

In general, the former includes its shape and specification, and can work at high temperature for a short time and for a long time, but also can withstand strong vibration in some occasions and centrifugal force at high speed, withstand corona and breakdown under high voltage, and resist chemical corrosion under special atmosphere, etc.

The latter includes the requirements of stretching, bending and abrasion during winding and embedding, swelling and erosion during dipping and drying, etc.

Aluminum magnet wire can be classified according to their basic composition, conductive wire core and electrically insulating layer. In general, it is divided into the enameled wire and winding wire, enameled winding wire and inorganic insulation wire according to the insulation material and manufacturing method used for the electrical insulation layer.

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