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What are the applications of alloy steel castings?

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Alloy steel castings, we don't know how much you know about it, but its application fields are worth our careful study. Therefore, Shenyang Gongda will give you a brief list of application fields of alloy steel castings.

1. Construction machinery and equipment

Loader, bulldozer, excavator bucket plate, side blade plate, bucket bottom plate, blade, rotary drilling rig drill pipe.

2. Loading and unloading machinery and equipment

Discharging mill chain plate, hopper lining plate, grab blade plate, bucket plate of medium-sized automatic dump truck, dump truck body.

3. Mining machinery and equipment

Mineral material, stone crusher lining board, blade.

4. Metallurgical machinery and equipment

Iron ore sintering conveying elbow, iron ore sintering machine lining board, scraping machine lining board.

5. Construction machinery and equipment

Tooth plate of cement pusher, lining plate of concrete mixer, lining plate of mixing building, lining plate of dust remover.

6. Other mechanical equipment

Sand mill barrel, blades, various port machinery wear-resistant parts, bearing structures, railway wheel structures, rollers.

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