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Control Items in Three Different Process Periods

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In order to improve and ensure the quality of alloy steel castings, we need to pay attention to its processing process. This article summarizes the control items in three different process periods. Let's get to know them if you are interested.

1. Control of Melting Period

During the melting period, the main task is to melt the solid furnace charge into uniform liquid with minimum power consumption. At the same time of melting the furnace charge, various physicochemical reactions also occur in the molten pool, mainly including volatilization and oxidation of elements, suction of molten steel, heat transfer and dissipation, and floating of inclusions.

Therefore, slagging is covered on the steel surface in advance during the melting period, which can reduce heat dissipation, reduce the intake of molten steel, and promote the floating of inclusions. Proper operation during the melting period can remove about 60% of phosphorus in steel. For low alloy steel, phosphorus is a harmful element in steel. In the smelting process, the phosphorus content in steel should be reduced as much as possible.

2. Control of oxidation stage

Bubbles generated in the decarburization process of the alloy steel casting oxidation stage include oxygen bubbles that cannot take part in the reaction when oxygen is blown and bubbles formed by purposefully blowing inert gas or pure CO gas directly into the molten pool rise and escape, causing the molten pool to boil and creating conditions for the removal of hydrogen and nitrogen.

3. Control of Reduction Period

The main tasks in the reduction period of alkaline electric arc furnace are deoxidation, desulfurization, alloying, adjustment of molten steel composition and final adjustment of molten steel temperature. In fact, the completion of various tasks in the reduction period is interrelated and simultaneous. The molten steel deoxidation is good, which is conducive to desulfurization, and the chemical composition is stable. The yield of gold-containing elements is also high. Therefore, deoxidation is the key link in the refining operation in the reduction period. After the completion of the oxidation stage task, all oxidized slag should be removed quickly. If the oxidized slag is not removed completely, phosphorus will be returned in the reduction period.

The above contents are some related knowledge about the process control of alloy steel casting. You can refer to it for reference. It is very strict and requires our factory to check at every level. Looking for a high quality casting manufacturer, you can consider: