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BLOG_POSTED_BY sands     २०१८ जनवरी ९    
No doubt Nepal's beauty is dynamic. Who wouldn't want to see Nepal's natural attractions to cultural heritage attraction all at once? Well, let me tell you guys 'Traverse Nepal' is the hottest and most captivating video indulging Nepal's beauty all in 5 mins.This video is made by Milan Thapa and the music is given by Rohit Shakya.Milan Thapa is an visual/graphic artist.

He is also the creative director of JATRA NEPAL and NEPTIVES. After watching this video no wonder Milan Thapa is an creative artist in the industry. He says He always had an urge to make our motherland known worldwide. This urge played vital role in motivating him and on the other hand this video was for his portfolio as well.

He had this idea for the video since long but he was just waiting for the right moment until he was mentally,physically and financially prepared.The making of this video was for sure fun.While asked about it he says "After an week or so of landing in Nepal, me and my friends began our trip for the project. Our first spot was Palpa. Then had to stop in Bhairahawa for the smoke bombs. After that, we went to Chitwan straight up. Then to Dharan and Illam. After these road trips, we decided trek to Mardi Himal. As we were done with the trek, I realized to include some historical world heritages and went to Bhaktapur, Basantapur, Swoymbhunath, also included Kirtipur"Smoke bombs are looking fascinating in the video. Milan had to share this story 

"I have a long story on this stuff. I didn't know I couldn't bring in on plane with me. I already had bought a bunch in US, but unfortunately couldn't fly it here. So I had to do research on how to get those to Nepal, for the reason I had it in my plans for the project. Finally, found out it was luckily available in India.

So we went on a road trip to Bhairahawa and waited there for 2 days. Met the third person on the 3rd day to get those smoke bombs" It was not easy to make beautiful video as we can see the effort already in it though Milan and his team had to face many problems during the shoot "We had a lot of conflicts during the trip i.e. it heavily snowed on the day we decided to trek all the way to the Mardi Himal, also got arrested for flying drone over Mardi, and so on. We were not aware that we were not allowed to fly drone in the area without permission. Later we found out, we need to go through a long process for the permission, but I was already short in days of my vacation."Despite of troubles he got this video done and it was beautifully done (smile)Currently, he is in Boston,MA developing his skills as a freelance photographer,film maker and creative director. His next project will be portrait videos of some artists. We cannot wait to see his next work of art .