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The Beginner’s Guide to Bra Shapes

BLOG_POSTED_BY Sweet Tease     २०१७ जनवरी १८    
With so many different styles and buzzwords in the lingerie world, it’s unsurprising that it can become pretty confusing when you’re shopping for bras. Trying to find that perfect bra can be a horribly tiring ordeal, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has spent what feels like forever scouring department stores and lingerie shops searching for something in your size, let alone something that suits your shape and fits well AND is pretty, too.
It doesn’t have to be this way, however. The best way to help yourself in the bra buying process is to get to know your body shape, and get to know which kinds of bras suit you best. Then, I find that the best choice can be found online. Once you have a ballpark figure of what size you may need, the filter options on websites can be an absolute godsend. You can use the filter options so you only have to search through bras in your size and style. Looking specifically for a plunge bra in black? No problem!
I tend to make a bit of a bulk order, wait for the postman and then (and here’s the best bit!) try on all the bras in the comfort of my own home. You’ve got the time to adjust the straps, try them on under a few different tops and dresses and make sure they fit perfectly without all that stress!
This may be easier said than done, and for someone like me who has spent four years obsessing and blogging about bra fit, but for lasses and ladies who are just starting out in their bra-buying journey may need a little extra help understanding what all the different names and bra styles mean. This guide, written by online luxury lingerie specialists, Blossom Lingerie, will talk you through the bras best suited to your breasts:

1. Balcony Bras
The balcony bra is perfect for a multitude of boob shapes and sizes and ideally suited for dresses and tops with a lower neckline. Although this style is a great option for any bust, they’re fantastic for larger boobs as the wide straps are really comfortable and unlike, the half cup bra, there’s no fear of the ‘four boob effect’ emerging!

2. Full Cup Bras
The busty girl’s best friend, the full cup bra has strong under-wiring and thicker back and shoulder straps to offer balanced support, taking the pressure of your lower back. Although this bra seems a lot more structured, don’t let that scare you off, there are tons of gorgeous designs, patterns and styles available.

3. Half Cup Bras
The half cup bra doesn’t provide as much support as the full cup, with thinner shoulder and back straps; it’s not quite as suitable if you have bigger breasts and want to avoid the dreaded four boob look. Designed to lift and emphasize your boobs, creating more cleavage, the half cup is best suited to girls with smaller chests wanting a little extra boost in the boob department.

4. Moulded / T Shirt Bras
A must have for every girl; these bras are suitable for all shapes and sizes. Designed to fit perfectly under tighter fitting tops, it creates a smoother line under your clothes. If you have one of these already it’s probably the most comfortable bra you own!

5. Strapless Bras
The strapless bra was once deemed only suitable for small chests as it was almost an Olympic sport trying to keep them sitting in the right place. However the designs have massively improved on them making them suitable for larger breasts too.
When you’re looking for a strapless bra there are a few things to watch out for to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions – look for a strapless bra with a wide back to provide even support and good quality elastic around the top of the cup to make sure it stays in place.

6. Non-Underwired / Wireless Bras
These are ideal if you have smaller boobs, and they’re incredibly comfortable too. The soft cup is cut a little higher to provide you with all the support you need. Non-underwired bras are great for strappy tops with a low neckline.

It might be good practice to try and figure out which categories your bras sit under – are you a balconette or plunge girl?
Hopefully this advice from the experts will make online shopping and bra shopping for yourself a little less daunting!