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Chased by the Billions Worldwide

BLOG_POSTED_BY X-clusive nepal     २०१७ जनवरी १८    


Some might know and some might not, but Promise Tamang—a YouTuber of the Nepali native—is taking the YouTube by storm; getting followed as ‘Makeup Guru of the World’; and generating Rs 50 lakhs income per month. After all, the Make-Up artist—hailed from Gorkha—is springing surprises among 4 million subscribers and 1.4 billion viewers as she takes no minutes in transforming herself into Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian or even Michael Jackson.

It is a piece of cake for this Nepali talent of cosmetic artistry to use shading pencils, fill her hairline and sculpt her face into a masculine look of rapper Drake. Is not impossible for this administrator of the beauty handle ‘dople2111’ to wear red lips and blonde wig to give a clever contouring and transform herself into Scarlett Johansson. And it is not difficult for this lady of international fame to match Michael Jackson’s hallowed cheeks and arched eyebrows.  

For her outstanding skills, Promisethe makeup guru who has already worked with various brands, including Pepsi, Disney, Sony, Universal, Progressive Insurance, King Apps, Ipsy, Oovoo­not only has been praised in Yahoo or news outlets of global footprints, such as ‘The Huffington Post’ and ‘The Daily Mail UK’, but also has been invited as a ‘guest’ in ‘Good Morning America’, a television show broadcasted from American television network ABC.

Born in the hinterland of Gorkha—one of the 75 districts of Nepal—the lady of the international fame developed a love for art ever since she was a child. Tamang, who now uses her face as a canvas and makeup materials as paint and paintbrushes, earlier confined herself into the blank page her notebooks while drawing doodles.

She shares, “My childhood was great, and I know my parents had a hard time making ends meet, but they never made me feel I was less-loved than any other kids. They always tried to give me the best.”

Constantly haunted by a hobby of transforming oneself with brushes and makeup, Promise used to overly tweeze her brows back in her school, and in various occasions, she received strange comments from her fellow mates.

“Negative and mean comments used to bother me in the beginning, but I have grown to be tougher,” retrospects Promise.

Untroubled by such responses, Promise kept the ball rolling, and one day, she shot a makeup video while transforming herself into Navis of the American Movie ‘Avatar’. Not keeping it only within herself, she posted the video on Facebook.

Later, she logged in YouTube in 2009 and kept posting makeup tutorials. Her followers multiplied and snowballed, while Promise kept on sculpting herself into popular characters and celebrities one after the other, finally becoming the one who is being chased by billions.  

Quick Confab

  • Secret behind your success: Being confident at my craft.
  • Mistakes people usually commit: Despite possessing potentialities, many people remain shy to exhibit their talent before the world. This is such a shame.
  • Mantra you have followed: I have always remembered and followed the advice from my mother. She always advised saying, “If you do not use your talent, God will take them away from you”.
  • Biggest change you’ve noticed: Me being recognized in the public. I love that I meet my fans everywhere.
  • You at the present: Recently, I have moved to California to start branding myself; so, I will be collaborating with well-known make-up companies.
  • Words for you followers: We all spend our entire life impersonating someone else. So, let us find out who were are from inside, and try to be ourselves. May be there is a unique trait inside you that needs to be explored. May be that uniqueness is something that the whole world is waiting for.
  • Words for aspiring YouTubers: Many Nepali YouTubers are doing the best to make their videos ‘stand-out’ in some ways. So, always remember to be ‘refreshing’ and ‘unique’.
  • Words for aspiring makeup artists: Believe in yourself, and stay aware of all the beauty trends. Plus, don’t let any negative comments bring you down.