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BLOG_POSTED_BY Puku .     २०१७ जनवरी १९    
My name is Bikrant Man Shrestha, and I was born in Kathmandu (1982). I have a love for photography, but it was not always that way. I graduated from Lalit Kala Fine Art Campus as an abstract artist. Growing up, I used my dad's manual camera (Pentax), to capture scenes from around the community. They became a part of the inspiration for my many paintings that were exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions worldwide. After graduation I received opportunities to travel to different countries because of my abstract paintings. He traveled to England, The Netherlands, France, Germany, and India before coming to the United State of America. I got my start in the United States when asked to take photographs for the website At first it was difficult to get people’s attention as they didn’t know me, but after some events people began noticing my work. Slowly people began to ask me to take photos for their private events. While I was taking photos at various events, I applied for a position taking sports photography at Ripkens Stadium. There I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Calvin Edwin "Cal" Ripken Jr., nicknamed "The Iron Man". He is an American hero celebrated for playing 2131 consecutive games during his major league baseball career with the Baltimore Orioles as well as his abilities as a shortstop and third baseman. I found that I was enjoying taking photographs and applied to also work as an event photographer with The Umbrella Syndicate. As a result of my working for them, I got the chance to work in M&T Bank Stadium, a multi-purpose football stadium located in Baltimore, Maryland. I loved meeting and photographing members of the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

The more photographs I took, the more I knew this was the direction my life was to take. I decided to apply for a position with Lifetouch which is a professional photography company with nearly 80 years of experience working in local communities across North America. The four branches of the company are the National School Studios, Portrait Studios, Church Directories and Portraits, and Preschool. I have worked in the church division for the last three years. With a focus on capturing the best in each individual, I have learned a great deal about lighting and other technical points of photography. In fact, in 2016 I was honored when named a finalist for the Chairman Award in recognition of the quality of my photography.

While working at Lifetouch, a friend and I decided to open an event management group that would support bride and grooms in creating a memorable day. An integral part of this experience is the photography. Thus NAMLO was founded with myself as the owner, the love of my life - my wife as well as my friend as the managing directors. I love the opportunity to take photographs of the bride and groom before and during the ceremony that maximizes the beauty of couple as well as the surroundings. NAMLO is becoming known for its style of photography that is always remembered and has photographed weddings in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Virginia Beach, Kathmandu, and Sydney.

This photograph actually has a story behind it. In my travels to Nepal, I had been planning to start an event management business similar to that in the USA. So when Bina and Avi told me they were getting married and asked me to be their photographer, I was excited for the opportunity to capture Nepalese weddings through photography. They are a beautiful couple that I wanted to represent as well as the traditions of Nepal. My mind started thinking and then it clicked - Nepal, Buddha, traditional. That is why I chose Swayambhunath for the backdrop to express the love of this couple.

When I lived in Nepal I worked for numerous social organizations including Living Eaden Art Foundation (LEAF), KalaGriha, World Vision, and World Wildlife Fund. During this time I served as the president of both the Living Eaden Art Foundation (LEAF) and KalaGriha. When the earthquake hit Nepal, my wife and I sent aid. It is our hope that as NAMLO becomes more successful, we will be able to contribute more to social organizations such as these in the future.